A Tale of Three T’s

There comes a time, after the magic of college has come and gone, and the years have passed and “home” has moved itself too many times to count, when one sees friends in an entirely new light.

Dispersed now, they live their daily lives entirely independent from the others. They don’t go to multiple movies in a weekend together, they don’t make messes of one another’s kitchens, they don’t frantically call the others in search of the perfect necklace minutes before departure time.

They just, live.

And that’s okay; it’s even good mostly. But sometimes the magic comes back though- I’ve seen it.

Weddings provide the perfect reunion for such friends, being somewhat “forced” to return to hallowed grounds, staying up into the wee hours of the morning because there are always more things to talk about than there is time.

Slowly, one by one, the other friends fade into beloved memories and occasional catch-up messages. They know what happens, and they sincerely care, but it’s all too far off anymore.

But the three T’s, those are the corners who know. They know when a heart breaks because they feel it and they ache too. They pray for restoration and joy and hope again. They tell the truth even when it sticks further into the heart of the matter, and they mean it too.

Because the truth always wins out in the end, and we so very much want it to end that way.IMG_4032

They pursue the hope that comes even with distant friendship, and they know the late night time-changing nights and mornings are well-worth the effort.

The three T’s are in this for the long haul. Maybe the letters will change. Maybe. But the gifts? Those are there to stay.

The gifts are the people and the conversations and the time. The gifts are also the truth-teller, the joy-giver, and the listener. Together God must have known it would work. He loves to give good gifts to His children, and to these three, He especially knew.

He knew they would need each other. He knew it long before they knew it. Back when they were just sitting on a worn-down couch, or when they were thinking of Jesus in brand-new ways, He knew. Back when the dreaming first began, He knew. Back when the hearts were scared and broken and wondering, He knew.

He knew because He is good and the same yesterday, but He is also good and the same today. His love casts out fear and they see that. Those three, they see it. They feel it too, deep down in their bones. They know it’s worth trusting and whenever they feel like falling down one of the three is there to reach out a hand.

He knew it would be different than they planned, that’s why He knew they would all three need the others. 

Those three T’s, they don’t see the others much, but when they can’t, they see God and that’s what He was aiming at anyway. That’s what they aim at too, even for each other.

That Texas, Tennessee, and Thailand, those are a special three. And everyone needs friends like these.


*PS- some of you might be grammatically distracted in this post, but I’ve found a loophole in the english language (shocker!) which allows for an apostrophe here, “when the meaning is unclear otherwise.” Ts would have looked like a typo. Besides, at the time of this publishing, the national government is shut down, which probably includes the grammar law enforcement. Carry on.

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