Songs for the Season

I sure am finding great joy in the crisp, cooler air lately. Are you?

Well, I have to confess my love for the fall is only half-hearted, because of where I live. I mean, we’re well into October and the leaves haven’t even started changing. I think they will… Or rather, I hope they will, so I can at least celebrate the change of season for a day or two before they die and fall on the ground.

Okay, my rant about the lameness of fall in Texas is over.

To celebrate windows-down weather again, it’s clearly time for new music! Here’s what I have been listening to lately:20131009-202449.jpgOkay this is not new, but it is definitely my new jam these days. I saw these two at Catalyst last year, and liked them, but Catalyst is sort of sensory overload really, so I totally forgot. Last week Johnny Swim came up on my “suggested” list on Spotify, and I decided to give it a go.

I only have the free version of Spotify, so by the time I got in the car to drive to work I literally couldn’t wait to listen to these songs again, because they are THAT GOOD. So I immediately bought it on iTunes and it has been on repeat. Think: Adele meets a more bubbly version of the civil wars. Gold.

20131009-202501.jpgI posted this album on twitter/instagram a few weeks ago, and to be honest I just gave it a first listen because it’s the brother of a friend of mine. I should have known it would be brilliant though, because that certain friend is the trendiest.

Regardless, I proceeded to buy this on iTunes also, because after listening to even just the first song, “Mason,” you’ll be hooked. Also, the guy can write songs. Incredible lyrics and lovely folk-ish melodies.

20131009-202515.jpgPhil Wickham has done it again, friends. I keep thinking maybe I won’t buy the next one, but after hearing him perform some off the new record at a retreat in August, I knew I needed this one too. Some of my favorite love songs to Jesus have been written by Phil, and this album is one of his best.

My favorite has been “When my Heart is Torn Asunder,” and it’s so beautiful I really thought it was an old hymn. It’s not- he wrote it, and the way he sings it here is so   true it brings me to tears. I keep finding myself singing it for hours on end.

So with the change in seasons treat yourself to some new tunes. You won’t be sorry with these three. Still looking for more? I also can’t get enough of the new Jon McLaughlin: Holding my Breath.

Now, everyone go make yourself sick on pumpkin bread! But be sure and play some of these happies in the background.

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