For Wednesday

Because the middle of the week needs a bit more laughter, thinking, & inspiration::

She didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize, but the story of Malala has me completely captivated.

Thoughts on Ambition (and the lack of?) from a friend inspired by this article, as a backlash against the book telling women to have it all. But can we? And do we want it?

Related, sort of:  stop stealing kids’ ambition

Like Pride & Prejudice? You will LOVE this. Emmy award winning! Things like this are why I love the internet. Grab some popcorn & hot tea and enjoy. (watch from the beginning here)

Fall wardrobe staples from my favorite fashion blog. “Remember, black is always the new black.” 

new movie, coming to a city near you? Why see it?

Have we dehumanized the workplace? Yikes.

I cannot contain my excitement to go to this in February. Anyone else coming? If not, go local. These people are onto something.

My best friend Lacey is so talented. She’s been painting things like this: [more HERE]painting

And, because I write about it a lot here, all things adoption is fully final for our family! We made it a big day after court last Friday afternoon, especially celebrating those official last names. Welcome to the bottom of the alphabet, James & Betty. We love you! (PS- James looks so handsome in that tie, yes?)adoptionHappy Wednesday!

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