Up & Running

After a few months here in Dallas, I was having lunch with a friend and asked what has become a common question lately, “How do you transition well? Personally?”

Her answer surprised me. She didn’t tell me to try harder, to join a certain organization, or to get over it. She didn’t act like moving isn’t a big deal ((it is)), and she didn’t act surprised when I asked.

Simply put, she stated, “Be yourself. Engage your hobbies again. Eventually, the newness turns to normal.”

Now, I’m not too big a fan of the whole “be yourself” movement that swept the culture earlier in my generation. Frankly, I think that mentality can lead to some dangerous conclusions. Yes, God has wired each person a certain way, so comparison is not the answer. However, this way of thinking can lead to complacency, apathy, and laziness.

Digging deeper though, I get what she was saying. Be who God has created you to be. What gives you life? Do those things.

Strangely enough, when I really thought about it, running has become one of those things! Long runs in particular. On a perfectly pretty day (clear & cool), I will stare longingly out the windows at the park across the street with a jogging trail.

I know. I am so weird.

It’s totally therapeutic for me. I’ll lace up my probably too old shoes, put in my headphones and take off through the nearest neighborhood. Usually I listen to a podcast from here or here– unless I need to run faster. In which case, I’ll always listen to One Direction. No shame.runningshoes((photo credit))

The first whole semester I was here, I hardly ran at all, and certainly never more than 3 miles each. That was fine, and I was busy, but I forgot how much running has been a part of my life for the past 10 years. I started running far in high school, and ran my first half marathon senior year. I’ve only run one full marathon, and intend to keep that number alone. After all, I only have one set of knees to work with…

The last couple months have been fantastic. I’m finally training for another half- the BCS Half Marathon in College Station December 8th. (I ran it last year too, and loved it!) There are so many giant well-done races out there, but I was super impressed with this one last year, and exponentially love that it supports Mercy Project, freeing child slaves in Ghana! Win-win. Win.

Turns out, she was right. Sometimes the simplest advice is the best. In a transition? Find your hobbies again. God loves to give his children good gifts!

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