The Win-Win Business Plan

Remember that scene in Miracle on 31st Street? The one where Santa shocks everyone by recommending other stores to help the consumer more than helping the bottom line?

The supervisors were outraged… Until they realized it was brilliant. As it turned out, the public (in the movie) cared about more than a profit margin, and the store boomed with success.

Sometimes, the opposite of what the textbook says, actually works!

When Toms shoes started, people were skeptical. A business plan where they give products away? I was in college at the time, AKA at the height of my idealism, and I was sold, along with the rest of my generation. I even got to meet Blake Mycoskie- the man behind the Toms vision- back when it was first kicking off!

Photo, circa 2008 at a conference in Florida:tomsSo the original business plan was excellent, but did you see what they launched this week?toms marketplace((source))

Toms explains the Marketplace as a place where they are “giving other social entrepreneurs a platform right here on our site to help them succeed.”

What happens when we create a brand-new platform that features hundreds of innovative products from dozens of social entrepreneurs? We don’t just improve shopping. We improve lives around the world.  -Toms Marketplace

Check out the Marketplace here. It features companies like my favorite 31 Bits, Krochet Kids International, Falling Whistles, Della, The Honest Company, and many more. Instead of seeing these “for good” companies as competition in this new type of business economy, Toms has decided to collaborate with them. Toms is featuring these companies on their own website!

It’s brilliant. Seriously! Check out the marketplace, and feel free to drool over the new wedges Toms just released for fall.

PS- 31 Bits new holiday collection. Sparkle away! xo

5 thoughts on “The Win-Win Business Plan

  1. You should check out an awesome new company called UHDLT. They have a similar business plan. They make really cool laptop cases and donate 25% of the profit to an organization that helps improve education for homeless children. They have an Indiegogo campaign going on right now. Just search UHDLT at

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