Of Change and 2013

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different…” -C.S. Lewis

The year began much the same as the last two, on the coast of Peru with a team of Pine Cove staff, soaking up the last of a beloved three-year partnership with the CCI team. It’s incredibly strange not to be returning this week, though more teams are headed out to South America and Latin America this Friday! (Follow along here)IMG_2586IMG_3256And what’s camp without a spirit stick?!IMG_2637

One day, this will be real. One day!

IMG_3280Within a few short days of our return from Peru, I boxed up all of everything (oh how I despise moving), and left beautiful backyard views, a favorite job, and dear roommates. IMG_3326IMG_3321

Tears were shed, but onto all things new… And so began the year.

New job.

New city.

New house.

New roommates.

New community.

New schedule. (i.e. weekends! Summer!)

In the midst of new, we managed a best friend reunion (emphasis on best)FamWeddings were celebrated, including a much-loved former roommate…
Kim Wedding
Another wedding was celebrated too- which may have well been the reunion of the year! When 400+ people are invited and boxed pizza is served, how could it not be? wedding

There were sunflowers and new friends, too- all the makings of a thankful heart.sunflowerfriends2

Mom and I continued our tradition of running a half marathon (this is the best race I’ve run yet), and most importantly continued our post-run tradition:post-run

Yet far and away the story of the year was the newness of new siblings! Last year at this time we were praying as they celebrated Christmas in a faraway land, one I had never seen but had often dreamed about. With great hope and anticipation I set off to go and see the land from which James and Betty were born and raised. It is a place unmatched in my memory, for forever.IMG_3577IMG_3570IMG_3415We loved our time in Uganda, but my heart about burst when we brought them home to our family, for forever. The rest of course, is all joy.IMG_3795IMG_3807

A year of joy, courage, grace, freedom, and hope. One word would be impossibly too small to sum up such a year. Drastic changes over time, yet much of the same day by day.

It was a year of reading and learning, coming to the same truthful conclusion over and over again: God’s Word has the ultimate authority, and people are of innate value. This book and this book explained it out the most clearly to my mind, and I can only pray and aspire for my life to spell out the same way.

Here’s to 2014: May we have the courage to embrace grace as it is given.

2 thoughts on “Of Change and 2013

  1. What a great year!!!! So glad to know you and learn about celebrating all of life! Can’t believe it has been a year since you moved…still hate it a year later.

    YAY 2014!!!! What do you have in store for us??

  2. Love this, Chels! Such a fun read. Maybe 2014 is the year of Machu Picchu. Although I’m thinking that may be the year of 2015.

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