Best Finds | 2013

My favorite part about the internet? Discoveries. Sharing new finds with the exact person who will love them.2013((source))

Maybe these will be for you, or maybe they won’t. Either way, here are my favorite finds from the year::

  • The blog I couldn’t stop reading: Gloriously Ruined. Seriously, I spent hours reading through the archives and stayed up way too late rejoicing in a life ruined for greater Kingdom plans.
  • Prettiest, most fantastic “magazine” I have ever laid eyes on: Darling. Incredible mission statement for women, and it looks fabulous on a coffee table. Win-win.
  • Easier-said-than-done challenge for 2014: The Empty Shelf from Jon Acuff. Are you in?
  • A refreshing perspective for women, especially for a January: Five Lies About Your Body from Jen Wilkin
  • Fun weekly podcast for long runs or long road trips: from Relevant Magazine
  • The loveliest printables always (Naptime Diaries)
  • Saddest, most perfect ending to a beloved comedy sitcom: The Office (one that absolutely should have been spent with the college besties… Sometimes nostalgia is the best medicine)
  • Not new, but drool-worthy everything: Madewell.
  • The Evolution of the Swimsuit and awesomeness: Rey Swimwear. Because, it doesn’t have to be itsy-bitsy after all.
  • Finally understanding biblical stewardship and budgeting. RESOURCE OF THE YEAR: You Need A Budget. (And if you’re in Dallas: Moneywise)
  • A Bible-reading plan for anyone, written by lots of people in my church, published by my church, and brilliant. Join us?
  • My very favorite Christmas present: the Sseko tote. Beautiful. Made by women, for women, across the world.
  • The page-turning books you won’t be able to put down: Divergent. (And listen. I’m going to tell you the last book might be a disappointment, but you should read it anyway. Yep.)

The worst discovery of 2013? Downton Abbey season 3. All of it.

And yet, I’ll be cautiously optimistic enough to watch season 4 (starting Sunday!)

So, here’s to new finds in 2014- an Olympic year!! It’s going to be good.

2 thoughts on “Best Finds | 2013

  1. I’ve been reading the series Divergent and literally can’t put it down…too many late nights caused by those books and I’m still not done!

    Love it!

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