Olympic Prepping

Those who know me begin to humor me well around this time of year. It’s OLYMPIC SEASON!!!


I’ve already started to stop skipping the commercials when I see those Olympic rings (even the ones not NBC-sponsored, like those tear-jerker P&G ones, about the moms –>> scroll to the bottom to view), and gluing myself to any Today show athlete special… I just love love love the whole thing.

So, let’s start at the beginning:: Location. Sochi has been all over the news lately, and the news hasn’t been good. Sochi, Russia. On the edge of the Black Sea, and in one of the world’s most dangerous neighborhoods.Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.52.42 AM

I loved seeing this slideshow of Sochi’s indigenous people:SochiAdorable! I’m looking forward to more of the history pieces they show during the slower events.

Speaking of “slower events,” let’s talk curling. Honestly, curling? A sport? Apparently it makes more sense in countries like Norway, because everyone’s talking about these uniforms:AP NORWAY'S OLYMPIC CRAZY PANTS S OLY CUR USAHilarious! Read the full article here.

While we’re on the fashion topic, Ralph Lauren unveiled the USA outfits for the Opening Ceremonies, and, let’s just say they’re causing a stir.USA(source)

The NY Times wrote a great article about the “grandma patchwork sweaters” Twitter is loving. One editor said they would be like “wearing Times Square on your body.” Like them or not, U-S-A! Read the full article here.

Another story to watch: Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones is on the US Women’s bobsled team, and I think that is amazing. Also, Jamaica has another bobsled team this year, and Cool Runnings should be a mandatory re-watch before February 6. bobsledUS Women’s bobsled team, and full story here.

Kenya is also making their first international skiing debut, with athlete Philip Boit! “It was a bit challenging at first because I had never experienced cold weather like that in my life,” he told reporters in this BBC article.Kenya(source)

Ohhhh I am excited! Olympic years are the BEST. And I can’t wait to see James’s face when he watches ski jumping for the first time… Yes.

PS- here’s the sweetest commercial I mentioned above:

2 thoughts on “Olympic Prepping

  1. You are not alone! I love the Olympics! It’s all we watch on TV when they’re on and I frequently consider having people over to watch them with me but most of our friends aren’t as into it as me!

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