The I-Can’t-Wait-Till-Summer Sandals

A few weeks ago, Toms launched a new line of shoes, and I’ve been swooning ever since. They launched the shoes first to their followers on Pinterest, which I thought was intriguing. Do other companies do this? If so, it certainly strengthens my pro-Pinterest argument…

Toms((photo credit))

Of course, it’s the dead of winter here, and what a winter it has been! But finally, finally, signs of spring have been showing themselves and I keep thinking about these dreamy shoes.

Toms does such a great job adapting to their clientele; most of us started in college, but I haven’t worn the original canvas shoes in several years. I completely wore out my ballet flats a couple years ago from wearing them so much. The sunglasses are fabulous too, and then there’s the Marketplace.

So yes, it’s safe to say I love this company, and I can’t wait to ask for some of these sandals for my birthday. (hint, hint) You can see all the sandals here.

This post was not endorsed by Toms shoes, but I totally wish it was. Just, like, for the record or whatever. xo

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