New Music for the Soul

Yesterday one of the loveliest music artists came out with her first full-length album, called As Sure as the Sun.

(Surely you know by now how much I even love that title.. right?!)

Ellie Holcomb is the wife to Drew Holcomb, and also sings with his band, Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Their band is fantastic as well, but seeing Ellie at their concert made me really stop and watchEllie

Anytime I’ve seen her perform, I just can’t help but think we’d be friends. She gives that impression- like she loves and feels so deeply whatever she’s singing- and transfers her joy and sorrows to the listener.

Well friends, this album is absolutely amazing. I’ve been listening on repeat since yesterday morning. It’s the kind of music and songwriting that sinks down to the deepest level of the soul, in all the right ways.  It’s somehow happy & light yet deeply honest & vulnerable. My favorite song so far is called Marvelous Light, or track #3. (And no, it’s not the same one from our youth group days). Seriously, at least give that track a listen.

Every week is a good week for soul/heart music, but this one especially I think. You can find her album on iTunes here. Happy listening!

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