Dear Olympics, I Miss You Already.

Dear Olympics,

You were glorious this year. Everyone says they “can’t really get into the Winter Olympics,” and I always try to stand up for you. The summer games are awesome, because growing up in Texas, I’ve tried most of those events. They’re [mostly] relatable. But that’s also exactly why I love the winter ones: I absolutely cannot relate to ski jumping or ice dancing or snowboard cross. Those events are so beyond my realm of familiarity I just can’t look away!ted-ligety-600((photo credit))

And oh, you did not disappoint this year. I was nervous when everyone was anxious about the location and the hotels and oh, clean water and stuff, but from everything I heard, you went off without a hitch. That, or the journalists all got bribed.

So yes, I loved everything this year, and I felt it was only appropriate to highlight my favorite moments of the Games:

  • USA snowboarders swept the podium! That was awesome. Also? This was one of the few shining moments we had on the podium this time around. This is potentially why most Americans are more summer-obsessed. [we win a lot more. And there aren’t any speed skaters to choke in competition in the summer. #boomroasted]
  • Matt Lauer was the journalist hero during these two weeks. I mean, the Today show, plus prime time, plus late night coverage?? When was he sleeping??
  • Shaun White. He didn’t win the gold this year, but was extremely gracious to the winners. (It’s totally a good thing, because those cameras don’t ever actually walk away. Just ask Bode Miller.)
  • Can we all agree that the Skeleton event is for those who are out of their minds? I was terrified watching luge. And THEN these people. Headfirst?? We didn’t even let the kids at camp go down a 20 foot waterside headfirst.
  • Speaking of Skeleton, gosh I loved Noelle Pikus-Pace. I even wrote a whole blog about her. Totally cool.
  • Maybe there are some weird events in the Winter games. Okay, yes. There are. But don’t tell that to an announcer, because my goodness- they could get me excited about anything!
  • USA men’s hockey didn’t win gold this year, but most of us will only remember that we beat Russia. What more did we need?
  • Gracie Gold finished 4th, which might have been heartbreaking, if I didn’t think she was a princess. Call it a conspiracy theory, but if you’ve seen her outfits, her smiles, and the way she answers interviews, you’ll agree with me.championships-figure-skating((photo credit))
  • Did everyone see that story about Sarah Burke? The freestyle skier from Canada who is the reason the ski half pipe made it to the Olympics this year, but then died a couple years ago after a practice where she hit her head while skiing? Her people sure did love her. Definitely a story worth watching.
  • Here’s to you, USA, for somehow managing to add in more winter sports we Americans actually excel in. The more X-Games like, the better.Sochi Olympics((photo credit))

And so Olympics, it is with a heavy heart I realize I have to wait another long 2 years before the next beloved international competition. 2016. See you then. One day, I’ll see you in person. Count on it.

Your biggest fan,


PS- I also would like to thank my roommates, for letting me obsessively control the TV the past 2 weeks, and taking up all the room in the DVR because, there’s like, a LOT of coverage to keep up with.

One thought on “Dear Olympics, I Miss You Already.

  1. Chelsea! I love reading your blog! Thanks for posting about your thoughts and loves. I totally got that “end of something fun like a trip that is now over” feeling once the Olympics were over. Thanks for sharing! Miss you friend!

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