For Lent

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Lent officially begins today, and even though Easter is extra late this year (not till April 20th), lent snuck up on me this week.

I’ve never been a strict observer of lent, but there are many elements I love. I am particularly prone to busyness and the excess of the every day. Observing the lent season is like putting a hush over all of the crazy. Setting my feet back on solid ground. Making time to be still. Fixing my eyes back on Jesus, and re-aligning my heart with his.

I wrote a post on this very topic a couple years ago, called Lent: Preparation & Repentance. Jesus taught on the assumption we would take time apart to fast (matthew 6:17). This clearly does not have to be during the Lenten season, but it does take the time to prepare our hearts for Easter.

This morning I texted a friend asking if she had any specific lent plans. Our conversation turned towards devotionals or resources worth going through during this season, and since I do love resources, I decided to post the ones I found on here:

Hope the list is helpful! I haven’t decided yet what my “plan” is, but I like the idea of thinking outside the box. One of the guides I saw recommended picking a different type of fast per week. i.e. food one week, shopping one week, social media one week, etc. (Maybe I like this idea because it sounds familiar?)

The Lord has done great things for us,
and we are filled with joy!  -Psalm 126:3

PS- have any other resources you’d recommend for Lent? Please comment & link below!

2 thoughts on “For Lent

  1. Hi Chelsea,
    You don’t know me, but I was good friends with your grandad Bob Gentry. Bob and I attended ETSU at the same time, and worked an awful lot of math homework problems together! We lived only about 6 miles from the campus, and he used to come out to the house quite frequently so that we could do homework together. Your grandmother Fran pointed me to your blog.

    Back to the real reason for the response: our deacon body at the church has adopted a plan to fast during Lent from negative words and any other sort of negativity. Psalm 19:14 is sort of our key verse. I hope this may be helpful to you.
    Best regards,
    Charlie Carothers

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