Best & Brightest | 02

Happy weekend indeed! I have been obsessed with the weather this week… I know it’s just a matter of time before summer hits in full force around these parts, so the days of 0% humidity and a light breeze are completely worth celebrating.

peonies(cheers to peony season! can’t wait to save up my pennies to buy some! photo credit)

Here are some of my favorite things found on the web this week:

Cutest hair

Looking for a summer study or journal? Look no further; this one is perfect.

New 31 Bits for summer! Swoon.

Celebrating new life in Jesus #watermarkbaptism2014 what a spread!

And this video: (Best Sunday of the year)

Watermark Baptism Day 2014 from Watermark Community Church on Vimeo.

A column for good: What’s so Scary about Smart Girls?

Related:: the blog that had me in tears this week & rallying for the world

The Wingfeather Saga is now complete! Get your summer reading ready!

Did you see the #StyleForJustice contest Noonday + IJM announced this week? It’s not too late to enter!

The Porch started a new series this week, called “Quarter Life Crisis.” Listen to the first talk here. Sounds about right.

Favorite new song::

Have a lovely weekend! xo

2 thoughts on “Best & Brightest | 02

  1. yes to everything you posted!!! Kyndell and I have been listening to “You make me brave” non stop. Miss you!!

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