Come to a Party; Change the World

Sure, it sounds like a grand statement. And maybe it is. But, it’s a mantra Noonday Collection has taken on with impressive results. ((More specifically, they like to say Style your friends >> Change the world. I think it works here too!)) I’ve written about noonday before, and certainly I’ve talked anyone’s ear off who will listen.

Noonday is a company striving to support women who are some of the world’s most vulnerable. Imagine connecting something like fashion- something which I’ve wondered if greater purpose could be found- to bring hope and opportunity to women all over the world.

infographic2014spring(from noonday site)

Also? Noonday loves to help women here in the US too. In fact, it started as an adoption fundraiser for the founder herself. (As if the cause wasn’t amazing enough already)

That said, I’m SO thrilled to be hosting a trunk show this Thursday, May 22nd at my house for all the local Dallas friends!  I would LOVE for you to join if you’re able, and to come see the fabulous jewelry and accessories! This is a no pressure party- for real- I’d consider it a “win” just to have as many people know about this company as possible. So feel free to bring a friend!

But hey, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have something fabulous to share the story with others! Here are some of my favorites:photo-301 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06

If you can’t make it, feel free to shop online here!

PS- leave a comment or message me directly for the address! xo

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