Holiday Weekend

I love the idea of a 3-day weekend. The very name redefines “weekend,” giving it an extra day to travel, eat, and sneak in some quality time with those nearest and dearest.20140526-142252-51772495.jpg

This weekend, in celebration of those brave men and women who have stood up to fight for our country, I have felt especially grateful. I’ve lately been reading The Locust Effect by IJM president Gary Haugen, and whoa has it rattled me. (I’m sure I’ll write a blog post once I finish it.. In the meantime, I highly recommend it!) This nation, with all of its flaws is at the very least free, and my goodness what an un-free gift that has been!


As we celebrate with that extra day to breathe deeply this weekend, the outdoors was exactly needed. Met with giant crawfish boils under great Texan skies, kite-flying, and catching up with old friends, this was a weekend living up to the hype. There was a tent wedding reception, joining two families of a daughter and son who were delightfully ecstatic to be wed at last, and within hidden blooming gardens the night was perfect.20140526-141952-51592947.jpg

The long days left time for reading and resting and remembering. Days for sipping coffee outside and marveling How He Loves Us deeper than we could know. The days were for ending a prayer with “we love you and trust you, and may my life reflect that every.single.moment.” 

Cheers to you, Summer. We’re officially ready for you.

One thought on “Holiday Weekend

  1. I have found it striking the last few years how very much the Bible emphasizes protecting the rights of the poor, alien, and disadvantaged. I’ve encountered it all through both the old and new testaments.

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