Best & Brightest | 03

We made it to Friday!!!

Has it been a long week, anyone? Technically, it has been a short week, but somehow that 3-day weekend made me crave another getaway. Oops.

Since I’ve already used most of my vacation days this year, (worth it!) looks like I might try a Dallas-summer-bucket-list. What would be on yours?

Here are some favorites from around the web this week:

Love your personal space? You might need this dress.

A cash scavenger hunt via twitter is happening right now in California. It’s anonymous, but surely this has Bob Goff written all over it, right?!

Speaking of twitter, have you watched this? I was crying laughing. Just, YES.

Amazon apparently keeps a list going of their funniest reviews. I’d say I have some friends who maybe should go in on this?

Tie your scarf into a vest. {game changer for summer!}

Uh,ย YUM.

New Coldplay album came out last week, and now that I’ve had a chance to listen I *think* A Sky Full of Stars is my favorite track. But maybe it’s just the title.

Speaking of new music, Crowder released Neon Steeple this week. (yep. when your band breaks up you also mysteriously lose your first name) Come As You Are is totally my fave. It’s on repeat.

Also, what if your church really did have a neon steeple?!

While running errands for work this week and driving all around town, I listened to the Relevant podcast, and legitimately prayed for a funny future family. Related: I mightย over-value humor.

Cute curtains

The DIY coffee filter garland I made last week. (It actually ended up looking like this! #success)

Best new blog for the premarried & married. Yep.

Thanks teachers! PS you can make it!!

Maya Angelou passed away this week, but she left this world a better place. What a tribute to words. Her best quotes.

Well, this dance is just ridiculous.

Happy weekend, friends! xo

One thought on “Best & Brightest | 03

  1. Loved all of those!!! Scarf vest, WHAT!?!?!

    Crowder…the man formally known as David.

    Miss you!

    Also, we watched that dance the other night…CRAZY!!!

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