Noonday Party Recap

So, a couple weeks ago, I finally hosted a Noonday trunk show! I’ve been interested in the fair trade jewelry market for the past few years, especially loving 31 Bits & Sseko Designs. Ashley and I hosted a 31 Bits party pre-Christmas 2012 and LOVED it!

Noonday, like several other fair trade jewelry companies, hasn’t been around too long. I started to hear about it around the time I read Seven by Jen Hatmaker. Since studying through that book revealed so much of my materialism, I especially became interested in an idea of redeeming how I shop. 20140602-205441-75281069.jpg

Of course, I first needed to realize that it’s not my money (it’s God’s money that has been entrusted to me), and then I could focus on spending less. In an effort to buy less stuff, I realized there was a way to even make what I buy make a difference. Once I started really seeing the world, and seeing the incredible lack of opportunity for people born into extreme poverty, I became completely fascinated by companies seeking to partner and empower those most vulnerable.

{It also rocks your world when suddenly you meet your brother and sister who, well, would have been there. Everything changes when you know their names.}

(photo from the noonday blog)

Still, I don’t want to waste my money on junk that I’ll never use (neither should you). Then Noonday comes along and has jewelry designed by former Anthropologie designers. Intentional fashion. Brilliant. No wonder I’m swooning over every collection they put out!

Finally, a few months ago, I contacted a noonday ambassador to host a show. The thing is, it’s tricky to invite people to things like this. I was a little intimidated. However, this isn’t some kind of pyramid scheme; they simply know the jewelry looks best in a home when you can try it on. Also? totally, completely, so FUN.20140602-205440-75280243.jpgNoonday party

We had the best time! I was the worst at taking pictures, so there are hardly any… but it was so great to have so many fun friends from several different Dallas circles in our home and learning about something I’ve become so passionate about. I loved getting to share a vision with them, and loved getting to see friends join in. For me, it wasn’t about how much people bought, I really wanted people to see and catch a breath of the vision.

It ended up being so simple and refreshing. We had the best time, and it has been so fun to see friends showing off their new jewelry! Even better: each piece has a unique story. I fully believe we can purchase with purpose, and help give life and opportunity to the world’s most vulnerable. Is it a small thing? Of course. I also can’t think of any big thing ever that didn’t start small…blog-03-07-2014-ethgroup(photo from the noonday blog)

“If you pour yourself out for the hungry
    and satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
then shall your light rise in the darkness
    and your gloom be as the noonday.”  -Isaiah 58:10

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