Best & Brightest | 04

This week began by finding a sunflower bouquet for $3.99 at Sprouts, and it’s finishing with a family trip to the lake, so yes: Happy summer indeed.

The first week of June also marks Week 1 in many camps around the country, so I was especially missing my favorite place and praying for all my Pine Cove people! #bestjobever20140606-092449-33889174.jpg

Here are some of my favorite stories from around the web this week:

Speaking of camp, did you see this amazing letter from a camper to his mom? I’m still giggling over it.

My new favorite way to catch up on the news

Interesting advice to a 15 year old: What to do with Your Life {agree? disagree?}

Remember when this happened? What a sweet beautiful engagement story.

You are significant with or without a significant other. [loved this.]

Related: How to do singleness well

Super simple homemade strawberry fro-yo. So perfect for a summer evening!

Hilarious senior prank. [I don’t think I would handle this well!]

Fascinating: Jobs you might have in 2030

We all know sarcasm is too hard on the internet, but now even the Secret Service thinks so too.

It’s okay to have more than one dream. {whew}

Ever feel like you’re missing out? Thankful for her authenticity, and the follow up because hey- you’re brave too.

My grandparents have dozens of these old chairs lying around, just waiting for this makeover. So cool!

Ways writing makes your life better. {I’ve been saying this for years!}

Wishing you the loveliest of summer weekends! xo

PS- happy birthweek Mom! In case you missed it, here’s the post I wrote about her to mark last year’s celebration.

3 thoughts on “Best & Brightest | 04

  1. LOVED ALL OF THESE!!! I printed out the camper letter to read to my kids this afternoon as a Monday pick me up!

    And those chairs, so CUTE! Come to Tyler in August and you, Elizabeth and I can make them together!

    • haha thanks Mel! I was hoping you’d see that camp letter… and oh goodness guard a heart! I’d love to “help” you & elle tackle that project! I’d be a really great cheerleader. Might even make you cookies. Sounds perfect!

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