{Art Break}

Confession:  Before Pinterest I was completely clueless about art. Yes, I’m still ignorant about basically any type of art theory, but especially now that my best friend Lacey has started painting, (a talent that was apparently hidden dormant for years), I have started to pay more attention.

Turns out, there’s some truly beautiful stuff out there.Lacey Craig- Canoes in the Mountains

{Canoes in the Mountains by Lacey Craig // sold here}

Today is actually Lacey’s birthday (!!!), and to celebrate I’m highlighting some of her favorite modern day artists. I loved getting to look inside her world and see who she admires most. She listed her top finds, and I picked the paintings I liked best. Get ready friends- this is a party for the eyes and an inspiration for the soul. Enjoy!

industrial-harbour{Industrial Harbor by Ali MdNabney-Stevens // sold here}

Coastal Color{Coastal Color by Teil Duncan // sold here}

Flowers for Fern{Flowers for Fern by Lulie Wallace // sold here}

Birthday Party{Birthday Party by Erin Fitzhugh Gregory // sold here}

Celine{Celine by Jenny Vorwaller // sold here}

Green Fields{Green Fields by Kate Mullin // sold here}

Raleigh Flowers{Raleigh Flowers by Laurel Dawn // sold here}

Beach{Beach 1 by Way Way Allen // sold here}

untitled{untitled by Tracy Morgan (the artist, not the actor) // sold here}

So gorgeous! Did you have a favorite? Do you have a favorite artist not listed above? I’d love to gawk at more. These are just so fabulous. Also, looks like flowers and abstracts are my jam. No surprises there.

Happy birthday Lacey! Thanks for pointing us to the beautiful. xo

PS- Art names are totally the coolest.

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