Best & Brightest | 05

Happy World Cup Week! Or, as I like to call it, “those random 2 weeks every 4 years when even I actually keep up with soccer (sorry- football! sorry- futbol!) until the next 4 years come along.”

Yeah, World Cup Week was a stronger lead.

In 2010, I was working at a flower shop with a brilliant Hispanic designer who was completely obsessed with the World Cup. She totally sucked me in, to the point where we were live streaming games we could on the computer in the back, and even broadcasting other games through the speakers in the shop. It was awesome.

In case you get bored in between games, or annoyed that no one has scored a goal yet (not me, I’d never be annoyed by that…), here are some fun links from this week:

I guess I’ll cheer for Brazil, because obviously this is incredible:Brazil(source)

Related: In case you ever think you’re a sports fan, this guy has you beat. x 1000000

I’m fairly positive I’ll never ever get a tattoo, but if I ever wanted a temporary one, these would be perfect.

Because the struggle is real: How to Avoid the Comparison Trap

Hilarious twitter “sing-a-long” by the MLB to Taylor Swift songs. (I love everything about this!)

Crazy dramatic wedding photos… emphasis on crazy

Going on a summer picnic? Whip up some of this simple goodness. (impressive!)

Really cool leather goods shop. (hey there, Father’s Day!)

Adorable + clever hand lettering print shop

A DIY shellac hack. Ever tried it?

My favorite children’s book is becoming a movie!! Starring Steve Carell (!!) so yeah, I started a countdown.

Sure, we all love Restoration Hardware, but do we love it this much?!

Can I have every one of these signs please?

More on Father’s Day: Dads are not Dumb. Aaaaamen Shauna.

A Texas hill country bucket list. Well okay, if I have to…

Stuck in an airport overnight alone? I fully support this use of time. (Awesome)

 Happy weekend! Be sure to give your dad a hug!

PS-In case you missed it, the top ten reasons my dad is the best. [No offense, I’m sure your dad is cool too…]

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