Best & Brightest | 06

Happy Friday, friends! Summer in June is maybe my very favorite. James and Betty planted a garden at my parents’ house, and last night I ate veggies grown right there! I know I shouldn’t be as amazed as I am, but watching food grow straight from the ground then eating it later (like 4 months later), is so wild. Maybe one day I’ll cultivate enough patience to plant some myself…

In the meantime, on a run through the neighborhood this week, I came across these flowers running away over the fence into the street and found it lovely:20140619-213022-77422878.jpgHere are some favorite finds this week:

Having long-distance best friends, this hit way too close to home. [insert crying emojis]

Packing tips for your summer getaway

“Um no. Facebook’s not cool anymore.” -every teenager, apparently.

How to cut a cake perfectly

Favorite read: for daughters and dads and dating. [love her wisdom]

History of weird words like “cooties”

The FBI have their own twitter cheat sheet [awesome.]

Will this work? Plants that repel mosquitos. If so, I’m off to market in the morning.

Homemade soft pretzels. [yum!]

Loving this podcast from Jamie Ivey!

If you’re into this sort of thing- anthro tag sale this weekend [!!]

Can’t wait till this book comes out [for the cover alone, right?!]

Warby Parker opened a storefront in Dallas!

Anyone tried online consignment? What do you think?

The 2-letter word ruining your credibility. [totally guilty]

Have a wonderful weekend! Go get a sno cone. It’s not going to be June much longer! xo

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