Best & Brightest | 07

Oh, hey there! Oops, the blog went quiet this week. I’d like to fully blame the World Cup action, and all the time it is taking me to learn the rules of soccer. Goal-differential is a big hyphenated word, after all.

Plus there was the watching party at work, so that took some time too..

I debated putting even this post out there this week, but I had already found the stories, so hey. #USA & more favorites from the week:

I’m probably last to know this, but the world’s longest hashtag taking up all the twitter characters? It came from this commercial:

It’s totally moving, so I take it back. #IBelieveThatWeWillWin #IAlsoBelieveThatWeNeedShorterHashtagsThatDoNotIncludeExcessiveWordsBecauseItIsRidiculous

Fascinating experiment: Photoshop beauty standards around the world

A girl wrote her dad’s boss a letter to get him off work. “PS it is Summer you know!”

Encouraging news in the fight against sex trafficking in the US

It may not have to be love at first sight after all [whew, right?!]

No, really. The best way to cut grapes in half

Watching too much TV causes premature death, they say. [bored to death?]

Best summer nail polish

Rachel McAdams audition tape for The Notebook [can you believe it’s been 10 years?]

A campaign for #likeagirl to be a compliment

Warby Parker has now sold & given over 1 million pairs of glasses! Wow!

Loving this tank top

Non-stop giggles from this First Moon Party [guys won’t think it’s as funny. fair warning]

Some news from President Snow. [Chilling, terrifying, & counting down till the next movie!]

And, bringing this full circle, an athlete with a great story


Happy weekend, friends! I’m packing in lots of fun reunions, and I can’t wait!

PS- an exciting announcement is coming soon…! Stay tuned. πŸ™‚

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