Best & Brightest | Celebrate!


I spent last night watching an impressive fireworks show next to James and Betty, who were exclaiming at each explosion, “oh, that looks like a ______!” (including, but not limited to: okra, hamburger, hearts, faces, etc.)

One of my more interesting 4th of July experiences was spent in the Sydney airport. We stopped off at McDonalds to celebrate, and were unimpressed with the teeny tiny drinks with no ice and no refills. America really is where it’s at people.fireworks(source)

As you’re in between a parade morning and a backyard BBQ this weekend, here are some fun links from the week::

Take your 4th of July to the Next Level [still giggling]

Perfect treat for the weekend: Shauna’s blueberry crisp. [made it yesterday. YUM]

Even I thought this was cute: dog really wanting to play fetch with a statue

Tips for raising siblings

For the girls in my life: I’m dying to go glamping. Can we please make it happen?!

Oh Tim Howard, we appreciate you. First for the saves, then for the jokes you made possible.

The Noonday #StyleForJustice trip with IJM starts next week, & they’re having a giveaway to help spread the word!

Pippa Middleton gave her first TV interview this week, and you better believe I DVR’d it. Watch the full interview here. She’s the coolest.

Speaking of, did you know Pippa has a super cute book out?

Ever thought of getting false lashes? This made me laugh.

This is the best weekend of the year to shop: so.many.sales. {anthro, j.crew, gap, loft, everywhere. even better? summer’s still in season in Texas for a good 4 months. get your money’s worth!}

Whimsical pictures of happy children playing all over the world

Waiting on God well

My most favorite worship song of right now:

Wishing you & yours a very happy Independence Day weekend! May we all take a moment to glance around the well-decorated outdoors with a thankful heart as we celebrate. xo

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