Parade Life

How was your 4th of July? A friend told me this weekend (he was born & raised overseas) how weird he thinks it is we refer to a holiday simply as a date on the calendar. To which I replied intelligently, “Mexico does the same thing!”


Regardless, what a fun holiday we have! Quintessential summer. I was looking forward to celebrating with fireworks and family, cookouts and swimming, and you know, all the normal stuff.

About a week and a half ago, Dad reminded me of a project his co-workers had been constructing, and (typical Chelsea) I rolled my eyes. {One of these days I’ll learn it’s never a good idea to mock people’s hobbies. Unless it’s video games. Sorry. That’s on you.}

Anyway, Dad’s boss decided a few months ago he would buy an old school bus and refurbish it into a parade-worthy ship.

Money + ideas can have some pretty impressive results, kids.

In spare afternoons, using old wood cleared from job sites, the guys toiled away and built A SHIP. {no joke!}20140707-221327-80007907.jpg

They entered the ship- with a patriotic Boston Tea Party theme- into the Arlington parade, well known I’m told as the largest 4th of July parade in Texas.

Full disclosure:: I wasn’t planning to participate. It just, sounded so… well I guess I should say I just couldn’t see its full potential. And, I hadn’t seen the ship in all of its glory yet! I showed a few “in-progress” pictures to my co-workers, and they all but forced me to say yes. So I was in!20140707-221336-80016697.jpg

As I waved atop the ship in my colonial “peasant dress” I saw jaws drop across the crowd and spontaneous applause. It’s a strange experience waving at people from a parade float, for the record. This was my first run. But yes- you read that correctly- the whole family (minus camp counselor Caitlin)- dressed up as best we could and represented our nation’s history very patriotically! We had so much fun!20140707-221334-80014901.jpg20140707-223622-81382500.jpg20140707-223623-81383481.jpg

These are just the funniest most ridiculous pictures ever.. I still can’t get over it!

Dad was dressed in traditional British dress, so he and a few others dressed similarly walked alongside the ship, while the rest of us rode and waved proudly. We were dressed as colonial women and Indians of course. I loved seeing the kids catch on before many adults in the crowd- “Hey! We just learned this in school! It’s the Boston Tea Party!”


Also? The ship won (I assume by a landslide) the Peoples’ Choice Award for favorite float.20140707-223623-81383707.jpg

Coming to a parade near you?! If it does, it will not disappoint. Dream big, friends… {and obviously, always say yes to being in a parade.}


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