Best & Brightest | 09

My trick to getting through a busy day? Pretty Instagram feeds. Here’s a sample from one of my favorites, @lucylaucht. (She’s the gal who runs the social + digital media at J.Crew. #dreamjob)20140710-221555-80155935.jpgPlus, it’s dahlia time and ohhh do I have a soft spot for giant dahlias. So fabulous.

In other news, this week was big for fun & interesting stories; there were so many to choose from! Trust me, these are gems.

Brilliant: What to Pack Going to Europe {would also make a perfect capsule wardrobe}

5 habits to a balanced life

Adorable teeny-tiny house!

I always love this series: Surprising things as Americans parenting in London

Jen Hatmaker’s renovation show has a starting date! & a name! eeeek!

Harry Potter’s been busy lately (!!) The talented JK wrote an update!

Teach your kids how to be rich: simple ideas to build generous hearts

Happy 5th Birthday, Ssekos! Amazing company!

News in the life of my courageous friends being foster parents

A brave blog post this week: Kicking fears to the curb

Totally great shoes

How to Noonday Party Like a Boss {got me super excited!}

Top 50 cities in the world to see in your life {I thought I was well-traveled… I got 4 of 50. Oops.}

Made me laugh: What if we all acted like we were in the World Cup? {definitely watch till the end!}

SO excited to start following the Style for Justice trip with Noonday + IJM in Rwanda- starting today!

Have a lovely weekend, friends! xo

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