Beach Trip!

A couple of weeks ago, we took a family [road trip] vacation to Gulf Shores, and had such a blast!

On our way there, we made one very important this-is-much-more-than-just-a-bathroom-break stop because we just HAD to:IMG_6106

Yeah, it was about as weird and funny as I expected it would be…

This was James and Betty’s first time to see the beach, so naturally they were ecstatic the whole time. After being landlocked in the car all day, we ran straight to the sands at sunset so they could get their first taste of those waves.IMG_6251

After trying hard not to get all of their clothes wet, we laughed and watched them fully submerge because who can stand staying dry in such perfect waters?

Sidenote: no matter how many times you emphasize the ocean is salty, nothing quite prepares you for that first mouthful. Whether 27 or 12. 

It was glorious. I’m a beach person myself, so personally I was thrilled we had such a hit on our hands. I’ll just be crossing my fingers for many more beach trips to come! IMG_6163

This picture was a hit on instagram; the girl is talented! She’s also surprised at how impressed we are about it, because until just over a year ago, this was a normal means of carrying things.

Everything about the beach brings me joy: the distinct sound of waves hitting the sand over and over again, the salty ocean air, the miles on miles of perfectly straight horizon, and looking down to see my toes under the water. James loved finding fish, catching baby jellyfish (no one got stung), and he even stepped on a sting ray in hiding at one point.IMG_6178IMG_6180

((do you think she liked it?))

We rode waves and built sandcastles as long as it was daylight, stopping only to eat. It was tons of uninterrupted family time (all six of us in one place!) right before we each enter back into the super busy seasons. It was perfect! Here’s to many more sunny days & salty waves.IMG_6269IMG_6273IMG_6270IMG_6278xo

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