The Grace of Seasons

To put it mildly, it’s been a while. It has been a while since I’ve come back around to the hobbies that help me breathe deeper on long days, and the days have indeed been long. Of course I’m not unique in this… Living in a big city full of people hurrying to keep up with the ever-increasing race of life, I see the busyness craze all around.

Some seasons are unavoidable; work swells to capacity when the school year begins. Most of us are no longer in school, but our lives are still ruled by semesters in seasons. Eventually, the steadiness returns. The waves break into a much more manageable lull after the storm is over, and the ebb and flow is good.

The seasons mark changes and remind us to mark where we have been, where we are going, and how we are to get there. Life cannot always be simple, as much as I try to press into that word, but Jesus came to bring us freedom.

laptop (7)

How lovely is this print from Naptime Diaries? It’s the only print shop I attempt to keep up with these days, but I consistently purchase the “monthly printable bundles” for only $5. Well worth it, my friends.

I was in over my head with commitments this Summer (typical), but God’s grace met me as I kept swimming. Hopefully this time I’m learning from the mistakes. I don’t want to look back at weeks/months/years in the future and wonder why I never had any margin in my life. I’ve taken steps back and steps forward and of course I stumble often. Just, learning.

So, slowly, one step at a time, I’m gingerly stepping back into the things God has given me. Writing, being one of them. I don’t know how other people feel about hobbies, but I tend to be a little severe on myself. I constantly seem to be asking if something is the best use of my time, and I end up over-analyzing everything. (Therefore wasting more time. Cool.) I think the answer can fluctuate. Sometimes, yes. Other times, no. Seasons change and that is okay and good.

Truth be told, in the midst of crazy busy, the end of Summer was wonderful. There were retreats and new friends and iced coffee and sore muscles and new marriages of dear friends and birthday parties of little siblings and new babies born to best friends. There were all kinds of gifts all around and they were seen in the deepest ways.

The Fall has entered in now, (at least on the calendar), and it’s no perfect Spring, but new seasons are always welcome and refreshing. Here’s to crisp air, extra grace, and football season!

Whoop! xo

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