I met someone.

It’s been over two years now since I’ve sat down to write a blog post, so before I start talking about my favorite books I’ve been reading, or how I’m still obsessed with capsule wardrobes, there’s some catching up to do!

I took a hiatus from blogging back in 2014, because my life was so full that something had to go. Every moment was accounted for (plus some), and then I met someone.

Yes, I do mean that in the fabulous, movie-famous way- I met someone.

We met in Molly and Monty’s wedding, on September 13, 2014. It was one of those wonderful wedding weekends, where I was friends with all the bridesmaids and most of the groomsmen already through Pine Cove connections, and every moment was a blast. He and I were seated at the same table at the rehearsal dinner, and I’ve never laughed so much. I left that weekend with a crush, but left it at that. After all, I lived in Dallas, and he was in Tyler. Who wants to do long distance anyway?

View More: http://jenmenard.pass.us/spurgeonweddingHere’s the closest we got to a picture together- just a few feet apart in this one! (photo by Jen Menard)

A few weeks later, he called. Well, technically, Molly was calling, but when I answered there he was- the handsome, funny, kind TJ Connor- on the other end. I recognized his voice (because, the crush!), and  he asked if he could take my number from Molly’s phone to keep calling me in the future.

Um, cutest way to ask a girl for her number ever, right? Let’s just say it was lucky for me this was over the phone. Because I was full-on blushing at this point!

A week later we went on our first date, to my favorite pizza place in Dallas, and to a Stars-Flyers hockey game. TJ is from Philadelphia, so we got to cheer for our own home teams at this one!


TJ posted this on Instagram, right after date #2! I was sweating about it, but I love how excited he was to make us public! haha. (Our second date was to the Dallas Arboretum, which is where we found those scarecrows in the midst of thousands of pumpkins.)

We dated for around seven months, with some of the most amazingly creative dates I had ever heard of, then on May 9, 2015, he asked me to marry him. TJ’s proposal to me matched the way he pursued me in dating- it was loving, celebratory, and completely over the top. It was the best day of my life, and the easiest “yes!”


Our whirlwind romance continued with a wedding only 5 months later, at Watermark Church in Dallas, on October 10, 2015. I loved getting to celebrate with our dearest family and friends at the church I have grown to love so deeply.

View More: http://oliviaraephotography.pass.us/tjandchelseaView More: http://oliviaraephotography.pass.us/tjandchelsea

TJ is a camp director at Pine Cove, and I knew as soon as we started dating that if this went all the way, I would be joining him in east Texas. I find it funny and awesome to be back in the town where I lived already for nearly 3 years, with many friends still here. The Lord has been so gracious and generous to me.

Here’s to blogging again! xoxo

3 thoughts on “I met someone.

  1. Chelsey, so glad you are back. That was a great, well written story. Looking forward to your next one already. We are so happy to have you in our family, you are a great match for TJ. Enjoy your day. Love, Poppa George

  2. OH I LOVE THIS! Like so so much… When I read the title and then the blog I got all giddy like it all just started all over again! What a truly lovely season. Loving that the blog and pics are back!

    Give us MORE!!

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