Christmas Gift Ideas

When TJ and I got married, one of the major differences we realized around the holidays centered around Christmas lists. He could not believe I would send my own mother a list (with links!) of gift ideas. Nothing was more normal to me!

Since then, we casually poll our friends to see if they fall more on the surprise side of gifts, or the list side. I’m still  not sure which way is more prevalent across the board, but I do know “What are you asking for Christmas?” is a very common question among my friends each year.

So, if you’re one of the ones having trouble coming up with ideas for yourself or for the other women in your life, here’s some ideas!


Some of my favorite gifts through the years have been big pieces of art I’ve requested for my walls, and there are always so many fun ideas! This makes a great gift because often I wouldn’t have paid for it myself, but it becomes a very thoughtful gift to remember for years to come. These are some favorites I’ve seen lately:

Cool National Parks print (etsy) // Lindsay Letters fabulous Christmas canvas from her brand new holiday collection // trendy vintage-looking black & white felt board (Letter Folk) // prints & canvases with Scripture (amen paper company)

2. Shoes

Christmas is my favorite time to ask for shoes, because I’m trying to buy less shoes that fall apart after a few months or hurt my feet every time I wear them! Two of my favorite “shoe gifts” I’ve received have been Hunter rain boots and Ugg slippers. Both of these are excellent examples of “investment shoes,” because they are not cheap, but they’ll last forever. Also, if self-care is going to be on your New Year’s resolution list, ask for the amazing Ugg slippers! I’ve also got my eye on these sneakers (seeing them everywhere!), or possibly some warm winter boots, even though I live in Texas.

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is a somewhat easier gift to ask for or to buy for others, but if you need some company picks, here are some of my favorites!

Pretty statement feather earrings (Waterloo Style) // go-with-everything stud earrings (Kate Spade) // high quality made in Uganda beaded bracelets (31 Bits) // hands down the best dainty necklaces (Dear Mushka)

4. Books

Not everyone loves getting books for Christmas, but I sure do! I read mostly via library book these days, but some books double as decorations in my world, making them optimal gifts! I’ve loved to give and receive some of these:

Jane Austen books with beautiful covers (anthropologie) // 365 day devotional + recipes (Shauna Niequist-Amazon) // a cookbook on celebrating! everything! (Jenny Rosenstrach-Amazon) // the story behind the studies (She Reads Truth-Amazon)

5. The Foolproofs

Paper gifts, candles, and the occasional lip balm are always my go-to gifts for friends it seems like. (They also make great hostess gifts!)

Custom designed notebooks with endless possibilities (May Designs) // the world’s most beautiful calendars (use them as art prints around the house later!) (Rifle Paper Co.) // the best and prettiest lip balm I buy for everyone (amazon) // favorite non-volcano candle- french cade lavender is all kinds of brilliant, plus these last for a long time! (anthropologie)


Well friends, that’s a wrap! There are tons of fabulous gift guides out on the web right now (including Jamie Ivey’s list from her podcast here), so whether you’re making a list or not, enjoy looking around, and happy gift-giving!


7 thoughts on “Christmas Gift Ideas

  1. Our families have always been list givers! I’ve been on both my girls to get me a list for over a month so I can pick from their wish list. I’m thinking a want, a need and a book is the right balance! Love reading your blog, thanks for sharing!

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