The Big 3-0!

Last week, I hit a new decade, and left my twenties behind!IMG_4097

Everyone approaches birthdays differently, and I know this because people have told me about it. I laugh hearing people talk about their “hardest birthdays,” like turning 39 or 28 or 55, because what does that even mean? We know aging is inevitable, yet we do our best to stop it!

Of course, I totally love birthdays. Any excuse to celebrate, right?! TJ makes fun of my “birth-week” mentality, but I still think it’s fun!

This one was especially fun, not just because of the celebration (which I’ll get to), but also because I just felt really good about leaving my twenties behind. They were so full and joyful! I traveled all over the world (Australia, Peru, Israel, Uganda, Thailand), I gained new siblings (!!), I graduated from college, figured out how to navigate the working world in a few different jobs, made new lifelong friends, met my husband, learned grace all over again, and loved it.

There were downsides of the twenties too, like losing a beloved grandfather, not having a clue what to do with my life after the “school roadmap” finished, struggling with singleness, struggling with the failure narrative, hard relationships, and basically refinement on all fronts. But as we know by now, the valleys make the mountaintops even taller, and the ability to learn from setbacks and mistakes are the most important part of getting older.

It was so sweet to celebrate 30 years with a surprise dinner with TJ, and then a party with some dear friends! It all felt like too much, like way more than I could ever deserve, but then that’s the thing about gifts right? That’s the very definition of the word grace, and how sweet is it to accept the gifts of grace.IMG_4105IMG_4102IMG_4103IMG_4101

PS- that surprise dinner with TJ was clearly no ordinary date night- he coordinated with the fabulous local florist we love to get the place for the night, had food set up, and made me feel so special and known! This is definitely typical TJ fashion, thinking so outside-the-box and over the top. But seriously- what a dream!!

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