Noonday: Most Worn

A few months ago, I shared about my decision to become an ambassador for Noonday Collection. You can read why I made that decision here. As predicted, I’m totally loving it!

Because really, what’s not to love? I get giddy every time I get to share the stories of the Noonday artisans with new friends who have never heard. It’s truly amazing to think that I can help families in the poorest communities of the world earn a living and keep their families together! What a gift!

Oh, and I get to show off their creations every day (!!). It’s a win-win-win.

Now that I’m a few months in, I wanted to share the pieces I seem to keep coming back to. I’ve yet to find a piece I don’t like, but here are my tried-and-true favorites!IMG_6700


  1. Gem Trio Studs $68 {made in Peru}- These just seem to go with everything. I tend to wear a lot of t-shirts, and these are so easy to pair with a casual outfit and add a little pop of color. Plus, with all the time I spent in Peru, I’m always partial to those pieces!
  2. Hanoi Necklace $52 {made in Vietnam}- I’ll admit this one caught me by surprise. I didn’t expect to love it, but I find myself wishing I could wear it every day. Can a necklace be comfortable? If so, this is it. I’m obsessed.
  3. Entwined Bracelet $28 {made in India}- Before getting into Noonday, I wasn’t much of a bracelet girl. This one helped me ease into bracelet stacking, plus it absolutely goes with everything. The simplicity & neutrality of it make it perfect for wearing every day! (Which I try to take literally)
  4. Calypso Earrings $30 {made in Vietnam}- These earrings are so versatile I even wore them to Six Flags. James and Betty forced me into riding those absurdly high swings (the ones you can see from the highway 20 miles away…) and as I sat up there spinning and screaming, I was really hoping my super cute earrings weren’t about to fall out. Thankfully, we survived. I kissed the ground and probably these earrings too.



  1. Tierdrop Necklace $56 {made in India}- This necklace is SO PRETTY! I’m constantly trying to make it work with any semi-fancy outfit I own. Since it’s more of a statement piece, I haven’t worn it as much as some of the others, but it’s the kind of necklace I get reeeeally excited to wear. Love.
  2. Sofiya Wrap Bracelet $30 {made in India}- I’m not sure if a guy would ever understand this description, but this is my go-to piece of jewelry when I just want to feel girly & pretty. It’s pink and gold and wraps. Enough said.
  3. Cubed Studs, Gold $42 {made in Peru}- I have worn these earrings 10x more than anything else in my wardrobe. They’re simple enough to go with a t-shirt, but just bright enough to be noticeable. I rarely, if ever, go without earrings, so these have become the perfect pair! (they also come in silver, if you’re into that kind of thing)
  4. Everest Wrap Bracelet, Mint $30 {made in India}- I’m pretty into this bright mint color with the gold accents, so I love layering it with a few other gold bracelets. It’s easy to dress up or dress down, and that is the kind of versatility that will always win in my wardrobe!

Well, as I’m examining these pieces now, it looks like I’m pretty partial to the pieces made by Indian artisans… Check out Sofiya’s story here! (yep- she’s the name behind that bracelet I’m obsessed with too!)

So, what about you?! Do you have a favorite Noonday piece yet?

PS- if you’ve ever thought about hosting a Noonday trunk show, let’s chat! Fall/Winter is a perfect time for shopping for all those Christmas gifts! #purchasewithpurpose 


Noonday Party Recap

So, a couple weeks ago, I finally hosted a Noonday trunk show! I’ve been interested in the fair trade jewelry market for the past few years, especially loving 31 Bits & Sseko Designs. Ashley and I hosted a 31 Bits party pre-Christmas 2012 and LOVED it!

Noonday, like several other fair trade jewelry companies, hasn’t been around too long. I started to hear about it around the time I read Seven by Jen Hatmaker. Since studying through that book revealed so much of my materialism, I especially became interested in an idea of redeeming how I shop. 20140602-205441-75281069.jpg

Of course, I first needed to realize that it’s not my money (it’s God’s money that has been entrusted to me), and then I could focus on spending less. In an effort to buy less stuff, I realized there was a way to even make what I buy make a difference. Once I started really seeing the world, and seeing the incredible lack of opportunity for people born into extreme poverty, I became completely fascinated by companies seeking to partner and empower those most vulnerable.

{It also rocks your world when suddenly you meet your brother and sister who, well, would have been there. Everything changes when you know their names.}

(photo from the noonday blog)

Still, I don’t want to waste my money on junk that I’ll never use (neither should you). Then Noonday comes along and has jewelry designed by former Anthropologie designers. Intentional fashion. Brilliant. No wonder I’m swooning over every collection they put out!

Finally, a few months ago, I contacted a noonday ambassador to host a show. The thing is, it’s tricky to invite people to things like this. I was a little intimidated. However, this isn’t some kind of pyramid scheme; they simply know the jewelry looks best in a home when you can try it on. Also? totally, completely, so FUN.20140602-205440-75280243.jpgNoonday party

We had the best time! I was the worst at taking pictures, so there are hardly any… but it was so great to have so many fun friends from several different Dallas circles in our home and learning about something I’ve become so passionate about. I loved getting to share a vision with them, and loved getting to see friends join in. For me, it wasn’t about how much people bought, I really wanted people to see and catch a breath of the vision.

It ended up being so simple and refreshing. We had the best time, and it has been so fun to see friends showing off their new jewelry! Even better: each piece has a unique story. I fully believe we can purchase with purpose, and help give life and opportunity to the world’s most vulnerable. Is it a small thing? Of course. I also can’t think of any big thing ever that didn’t start small…blog-03-07-2014-ethgroup(photo from the noonday blog)

“If you pour yourself out for the hungry
    and satisfy the desire of the afflicted,
then shall your light rise in the darkness
    and your gloom be as the noonday.”  -Isaiah 58:10

Come to a Party; Change the World

Sure, it sounds like a grand statement. And maybe it is. But, it’s a mantra Noonday Collection has taken on with impressive results. ((More specifically, they like to say Style your friends >> Change the world. I think it works here too!)) I’ve written about noonday before, and certainly I’ve talked anyone’s ear off who will listen.

Noonday is a company striving to support women who are some of the world’s most vulnerable. Imagine connecting something like fashion- something which I’ve wondered if greater purpose could be found- to bring hope and opportunity to women all over the world.

infographic2014spring(from noonday site)

Also? Noonday loves to help women here in the US too. In fact, it started as an adoption fundraiser for the founder herself. (As if the cause wasn’t amazing enough already)

That said, I’m SO thrilled to be hosting a trunk show this Thursday, May 22nd at my house for all the local Dallas friends!  I would LOVE for you to join if you’re able, and to come see the fabulous jewelry and accessories! This is a no pressure party- for real- I’d consider it a “win” just to have as many people know about this company as possible. So feel free to bring a friend!

But hey, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have something fabulous to share the story with others! Here are some of my favorites:photo-301 // 02 // 03 // 04 // 05 // 06

If you can’t make it, feel free to shop online here!

PS- leave a comment or message me directly for the address! xo

Best & Brightest | Spring Fever Edition

Lots of people are celebrating spring break this week, and the rest of us are now wondering why we weren’t planning ahead to take the same time off… My instagram feed has been a sea of fabulous pictures from the most beautiful places in the world.

I’m not sure Spring is here to stay yet, but we sure are excited for warmer days and longer hours of sunshine! While we wait, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best & brightest this week- all in favor of the loveliest season of the year!

Jillian Edwards released her newest album this week, and it is fab-u-lous! This girl just keeps getting better! The melodies are wonderful, but her meaningful lyrics are even better. Trust me, this will be the perfect soundtrack to Spring. [Get it here!]jillianSo step one: music. Step two: coffee.

Okay, I probably always start with coffee first. But I was too excited to share about Jillian first! eeek!

Toms had me checking instagram more often than normal this week, because they kept teasing another “big announcement” coming. First shoes, then eyewear, and now?Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.18.25 AM

Coffee! The idea? You buy one bag of coffee, they give one week of water. Totally cool. It’s a well-known fact that clean water is one of the greatest needs in the developing world, and one that Tom’s has observed over and over again. I especially love that they are working first with the communities where the coffee is made. [More info & explanation here]toms coffee

On their site, Toms answered the question many (including me) asked right away:

What does Toms know about coffee?

“When we started as a shoe company, we knew nothing about footwear. But starting from scratch only made us work that much harder. We’re taking the same approach with our coffee, from crop to cup, under the guidance of our selected Master Roaster, Angel Orozco.”

It’s also time for a new Spring collections at all of my favorite purchase with purpose retailers! ((I am such an advocate of fashion for good. It’s possible!)) Feel free to join me in swooning over the new collections at 31 Bits, Noonday Collection, & Ssekos! Love. Here are some of my favorites:spring

  1. Happy Night necklace | 31 bits
  2. Blossom Dots | 31 bits
  3. Fusion necklace | Noonday
  4. Destiny bracelet | 31 bits
  5. Forget-Me-Not necklace | Noonday
  6. T-strap sandals | Ssekos {not even out yet! join their pinterest giveaway here}

And finally, Spring also makes me think of best friends, and I am so proud of mine because she’s practically famous; selling her art online at Front Porch Art, and there’s a whole artist bio on her! She gets to paint and name her paintings hipster artsy names like this one: Chair on Green. Totally cool, right?!

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.50.19 PMSo go- enjoy the longer hours of sunshine with new trends, new music, new art, and new coffee. Happy Spring!

The Win-Win Business Plan

Remember that scene in Miracle on 31st Street? The one where Santa shocks everyone by recommending other stores to help the consumer more than helping the bottom line?

The supervisors were outraged… Until they realized it was brilliant. As it turned out, the public (in the movie) cared about more than a profit margin, and the store boomed with success.

Sometimes, the opposite of what the textbook says, actually works!

When Toms shoes started, people were skeptical. A business plan where they give products away? I was in college at the time, AKA at the height of my idealism, and I was sold, along with the rest of my generation. I even got to meet Blake Mycoskie- the man behind the Toms vision- back when it was first kicking off!

Photo, circa 2008 at a conference in Florida:tomsSo the original business plan was excellent, but did you see what they launched this week?toms marketplace((source))

Toms explains the Marketplace as a place where they are “giving other social entrepreneurs a platform right here on our site to help them succeed.”

What happens when we create a brand-new platform that features hundreds of innovative products from dozens of social entrepreneurs? We don’t just improve shopping. We improve lives around the world.  -Toms Marketplace

Check out the Marketplace here. It features companies like my favorite 31 Bits, Krochet Kids International, Falling Whistles, Della, The Honest Company, and many more. Instead of seeing these “for good” companies as competition in this new type of business economy, Toms has decided to collaborate with them. Toms is featuring these companies on their own website!

It’s brilliant. Seriously! Check out the marketplace, and feel free to drool over the new wedges Toms just released for fall.

PS- 31 Bits new holiday collection. Sparkle away! xo

The 31 Bits Party

IMG_2261I must admit, I am still a bit giddy from the 31 Bits party we threw last night!

If you have talked with me much this semester, you know my mind has been in a million places. Set off by reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker, I realized I have way too much stuff, then when I do buy stuff, sometimes it is made by slaves, then there are people who live on less than $1 a day, and they’re stuck in these endless cycles of poverty.. and I have so much. I have so much stuff, yes, but also I have so much hope. How to bridge this disconnect? What can be done?

Ashley (mentioned in the 7 post above) and I have become research-extraordinaires during this season! We have googled, read blogs, read books, and learned an immense amount of information. We also have discovered a multitude of fair trade companies, that seek to bridge the gap and empower people in third-world countries. We found a lot, and most of them were cool, but we probably would not buy anything from them.

But then, we gasped. We found 31 Bits.

Indentity from 31 Bits on Vimeo.

The video above will give you a great idea of who these people are and what they do. In a nutshell, there is a group of very talented girls out in LA who made a trip to Uganda, and wanted to help empower the amazing women they found there. They decided they could use fashion and design to empower these women through business, and 31 Bits was founded.


This jewelry is incredible. Not only that, but their website is also expertly designed, and the company is very well-run. I so appreciate all the details and thought they put into everything!

Eager to get involved, Ashley and I decided to host a house party for Christmas to display and sell some of their fabulous products. I love having friends and roommates who are always up for a party! We loved it!


IMG_2320It was fun to check some gifts off our Christmas lists (and maybe snag a few for ourselves too), while simultaneously supporting Ugandan women. Since my new future brother and sister are in Uganda now, the cause is understandably close to my heart!

In the photo above, see the two sitting on the couch laughing at that book? That would be our always-a-hit coffee table book: Awkward Family Photos. We’re really mature. Oh and Mel had command of the camera most of the night. As evidenced below:


We had some yummy snacks (of course), including my favorite shortbread cookies, peppermint puppy chow, stove hot chocolate, and peppermint whipped cream!

Ashley and I have always loved throwing parties, but I think this was one of our favorites. Be inspired. Go check out 31 Bits. (website, twitter, facebook, pinterest) You’ll love them. ((and so will anyone who receives them!))



Fair Trade E-Party!

Dear Everyone,

I have the best idea.

We women, we love shopping. Especially when shopping=buying pretty scarves, earrings, and accessories for ourselves or our best friends, and not shopping=grocery store. After all, those florescent lights seriously do nothing for the complexion.

But long, beaded necklaces? Hand-crafted jewelry? Mmm my head starts swimming with the possibilities. My heart even gets involved when someone tells me my new favorite designs are hand-made by women in third-world countries, using their talented design skills to earn a fair living for their precious children in an unfair world.

I’m obsessed with fair trade, and the ideas of women empowering women all over the world. Plus- score! Awesome unique jewelry to boot! It’s why I love sseko sandals. (Don’t have any? Add it to your Christmas list ASAP. You’re welcome.)

So here’s the idea: I recently discovered an organization called Trades of Hope. Women in the USA become “Compassion Entrepreneurs” to advocate and sell for women all over the world. These women live in Haiti, Uganda, Mumbai, Peru, India, Nepal, The Philippines, and each of them have a story. Some have been rescued from sex-trafficking. Some grew up in extreme poverty, their husbands left them, and they were completely hopeless. Then they learned how to create something beautiful, and they were able to earn respect and an income to keep their families off the streets. Women helping Women. Beautiful.

((photo credit + click to read more stories))

I am hosting an e-party, and you’re invited! I’m sending out the e-vite today to all the friends who I think would be interested, plus you! If you want to be sure to get invited, comment here with your email or send me a note: chelsea.elizabethwATgmailDOTcom. (take that, spammers)

These are lovely, beautiful products all under $50. In the e-vite, I’ll send an attachment to the fantastic catalogue, filled with vibrant colors and the perfect Christmas gifts. I have already decided that all of my gifts this year will be handmade or fair trade. I recognize that plan in itself will take some, um, planning, and I am still on the hunt for the perfect dad gift, so just say no to procrastination, and join the party!

To shop, click here: Trades of Hope, then be sure to type “Hostess Chelsea Williams” in the special notes at checkout.

E-Party dates: Thursday September 20 – Thursday September 27. Don’t miss it!

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” -Anna Lappe

Learn More about Fair Trade:

Article: “Why Fair Trade?

Via Trade as One, “Why Fair Trade?”

Hi my name is Heather and I’m a modern-day slave owner by Heather Hendrick

The Christmas Conundrum by Jen Hatmaker

Trades of Hope on Facebook

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