Day 15

Thankful for: mom & dad

Of course this post was coming. It was just a matter of when.

((This picture is at Wilson’s Promontory National Park in Australia. Love it there, and I LOVE this picture of them!))

The challenge now is to narrow it down into a blog post…

My parents are amazing. The legacy they have begun for my sister and I is incredible. Perfect? No. Healthy? Yes.

These people are so in love. It kind of still grosses me out sometimes (ha), but I still remember when my first friend’s parents got a divorce. I was in second grade, and both of my parents sat me down and promised me that would never happen to our family. In a country where one in two marriages end in divorce, this was the best promise they could have made to me. I clung to it more than they know.

I could pick a million things that I am thankful my parents taught me, but to spare the length, I’ll pick one.


I grew up always having people at our house. Not for extravagant parties, but just to have friends, neighbors, or even strangers over. Going to a small church, any time there were visitors, Mom would ask them to lunch. My parents still host the youth once a week (more in summer), lead a small group, and have the kids from church over any time. As a kid, I could not understand why I had to give up my bed seemingly every weekend. People were staying with us again?! Now, this is normal to me. It was not until college that I realized not everyone grew up like that. What a picture they painted for me, sharing not only their material blessings with others, but their lives as well.

Also, not exaggerating, people love being around my parents. Mom would (still does) ask intentional questions to get to know any one I brought home. She always came to youth camp with us, and was the ringleader in pranking the boys. She comes up with the games, so there is never a dull moment. She goes shopping with me. She listens to me talk endlessly on the phone about “so-and-so who said this, then we went to such-and-such, and can you believe I wore that?, and here’s my plan now…” Seriously, no one should be that patient on the phone.

No question, I have taken it for granted the relationship I have with my dad. I have learned that a lot of daughters don’t get to have that. Dad, who brainwashed me at a young age of all things A&M. He still kills bugs for me, explains politics, sports, money, and theology. He did all those things dads are “supposed” to teach their daughters. The crazy part is, he is just as patient as mom on the phone! I know he does not really care about flowers or fingernail polish, but since I do, he listens to me go on and on and on… And then effectively inserts witty comments. Sitting around the table with my family has created some of my favorite memories; the clever banter between me, Caitlin, and Dad are hilarious. Certainly he is the reason I relish dad jokes.

Both of my parents display a deep love of the Lord. I love seeing my dad engrossed in the Word in the mornings when I’m home, or finding Mom’s scribbled prayers scattered throughout the house.

They have showed me relentless support my whole life, including the recent years when I have felt so indecisive and directionless.

They make me laugh, and are genuinely fun to be around. I couldn’t have it any other way.

The bar has certainly been set high for my future husband and family… So thankful for my amazing parents!

((this is my favorite Christmas card we have sent out-2008- they totally went for my idea! Best.))

One thought on “Day 15

  1. Not that you are exactly like your mom in this, but yeah, you are exactly like your mom in this! I have always loved that hospitable side of you! Your parents are wonderful chels, and I see such fruit of all theyve invested in you through the years! Thanks for being who you are!!

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